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ve▓d to Longtan Village, Fujian from neighboring Jiangx▓i Province, after he rented an old house to run a bookstore and teahouse, and another for a guesthouse."Thanks to▓ the internet, e-commerce, and better logistics systems, rural life

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is not much different from that in ▓the cities," said Zeng. "The countryside is a pe▓rfect place for freelance painters, writers, and designers who prefer to live close to nature."As ▓new inhabitants arrived in Longtan, the village ▓beca

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me lively again. The local elementary school w▓as reopened, with new arrivals as teachers."The best▓ way to revive rural areas is to bring more people ▓in," said Zhang Zhengrong, a local official.Please scan th▓e QR Code to follow us on Ins

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tagramPlease scan the QR Code ▓to follow us on WechatChang鈥檈 4 probe to carry out experiments in unexplored lunar territoryChang鈥檈 4 probe to carry out experiments in unexplored lunar territoryChang鈥檈 4 probe to carry out experimen

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ts in unexplored lunar territory04-17-2018 09:51 BJTChina's Chang'e-4 lunar probe is expected to ac▓complish feats that are unprecedented in space history after it launches later this year, such as touching down softly on the far side of the Moon and taking the first flowers to blossom on the lifeless lunar surface.The probe will carry a tin containing seeds of potato and▓ arabidopsis, a small plant related to cabba▓ge and must

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ard, and probably some silkworm▓ eggs to conduct the first biological experiment on t▓he Moon.The "lunar min

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ity, according to a conference on scientific and technological innovation of Chongqing M▓unicipality.Blos

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soming hopesResearchers hope the seeds will blossom on the Moon, with the process captured on camera and t

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e and arabidopsis were ▓grown in China's Tiangong-2 space lab, those experimen▓ts were conducted in low-Eart

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e Earth, is more complicated.Liu Hanlong, chief d▓irector of the experiment and vice president of Chongqing

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University, said that as th▓e Moon has no atmosphere, its temperat▓ure ranges from below minus 100 C to abo

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